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Creative. Innovative. Efficient.

Through the use of computerized design that far exceeds traditional CAD systems, ADA’s clients benefit from streamlined, cost-effective approaches that not only assure a better product, but reduce errors and increase efficiencies. Our use of technology and data management systems also allows ADA to focus on best practices, innovative design, alternative solutions, client responsiveness and the incorporation of critical or timely changes. 









Past, Present & Expected
Litigation Cases


Collaboration in nearly every market sector.

ADA Architecture’s creative collaborations on hundreds of projects of all sizes, scope and budget include nearly every market sector: industrial, process, institutional, teaching, laboratory, research, medical, commercial, hospitality, residential and resort facilities. 


Quality service and hands-on involvement.

We believe that ADA’s remarkable 94 percent repeat client rate results from the firm’s heightened focus on the value of close client relationships, understanding our client's needs, delivery of consistent quality service, and daily 'hands-on' involvement and oversight of the firm’s dedicated leaders.


ADA is a Renovation & Expansion Specialist.

Our extensive past experience has allowed us to excel in the particular problem solving approaches and skills necessary to succeed in this specialty, yet we pride ourselves in taking an innovative approach to each project.


Innovative Design Tools.

Only 1 in 3 people are able to visualize in the third dimension. We realize that over 60% of people that view two-dimensional drawings do not actually understand what they are looking at and so we use the latest technology and tools available to create 3D virtual models, physical models, virtual walkthroughs to ensure that the client knows exactly what they are going to get before it is built.

Does your project need an architect?

Innovative, creative and down to earth excellence describe this Family-run local architecture firm. It is evident that their employees are valued and respected, and this is reflected when you deal with any of them. They are a collaborative bunch who will ensure the best results for their clients, and an absolute pleasure to deal with!
— Renee Chyz-Viau